No vip cars and no 10 years dlc and no f&f dlc are activated

I paid early access for the complete ultimate edition. Now I can’t drive this cars. I feel a bit cheated

uninstall the dlc then download again, worked for me. just the dlc dont uninstall the whole game

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Big Thx it worked

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just tried a cold start and it still hasnt solved the issue feedback on this would be helpful

Same problem for me too. Re-installed all DLC again. Not working. VIP not working. Maybe send us VIP code it would fix it. I think that fixed FM5 and FH2 for me. Gamertag: Viper7


I had same problem were it said pre ordered just uninstalll and reinstall. My new problems is that my VIP dosent show in multiplayer and i seen other people without it but i can still particapate in vip rivals and purchase the cars. I WANT THE CROWN AND DOUBLE MONEY THIS IS A JOKE TURN 10 HELP ME SOMEONE

I have the same issue. Bought the deluxe version of the game and all 4 DLC packs are saying Updating 100% but won’t seem to finish installing. Not sure what the problem is. Game works fine, just none of the pre-order DLC is installing.