No sound!

So I was playing the game yesterday with no issues.

Now, I’m having some very strange sound issues. There’s no sound in the main menu, no music, and no sound in the game either. No car/tyre sounds.

The only sounds which are working are the Turn10/MS start up sounds, and the sounds of the Tour intro video (eg Tanner Foust talking).

Anyone have any ideas?

I am having a similar problem.

Playing the game yesterday and it was running fine. Today when trying to play the game has absolutely no sound. Not even start up or menu sounds for me though.

Other apps and games all have sound and are running fine.

I’ve got no sound whatsoever, not in the intro videos or the game, I thought it was because the game doesnt really recognize my video card that well GTX960, I have to hold the pageup key just to get going. Anyway its early days I’m ure theyll fix it all soon.

I’m in the same boat. The Turn 10 intro has sound but no other sound in the game anywhere. Otherwise it’s actually running great for me. But no sound is kind of a huge let down, heh.

I had the same error, Intro Sound works fine, and since the first Race , no sound anymore.

I got the Error fixed by workaround, after a little bit of research in the Forum
Source: Fix

I just deactivated all not needed Sound Output devices, and started the game → Ingame Sound working :slight_smile:

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I tried that but didn’t work for me. Disabled everything but the one I’m using and it didn’t work. :frowning:

Edit: So I fiddled around, when in the Sound menu, under playback I clicked configure on my speakers. My speakers were sent to 5.1 but with two side speakers I didn’t have. So I set it to 7.1 and was able to set it up with my three front speakers, two rear and subwoofer without the two mythical side speakers…started up the game and low and behold, sound, glorious engine awesomeness.

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This fixed my problem.
If you are using 5.1 speakers, try configure your speakers to 7.1! (Under playback device–playback device–pick your speakers–right click–configure speakers–choose 7.1)


Wow, that’s actually worked! Fantastic!

I disabled all the “AMD High Definition Audio Device” entries (everything else was disabled), and the sound has returned!

All my sounds work only car engine sounds dont
Please help!

I fixed the problem by updating my motherboards audio drivers.

Could be worth a try if you are having issues with absolutely zero audio.