No old content in the playlist instead add a twist!

I think I can speak for many that grinding for cars we already had is not fun or rewarding and makes the game feel boring which is why the start of the games life was so slow and it’s repeating itself once again with this current underwhelming playlist.

My suggestion is simple and I think will be a great middle ground for the devs and the players so if theres nothing new to be added there is always something rather than forcing in old cars:
Add the old cars to the autoshow when they are ready for release and existed in another game beyond the Xbox 360 era but the twist is for these older cars create special editions of them to put in the playlist instead!

So instead of the Pagani Huayra maybe a Huayra FE or, if they are willing to push for a licence of a special edition of the car, instead of the CCX add the CCXR (though it existed in FH1 it did not exist in any Xbox One/Series X title so it is fine imo) to the playlist! Either of these and especially both of these will be great options so players don’t feel forced to play and those that do want to do the pkaylist will get a special version of the car in question!