No drift zones showing on map

The spring season has a weekly challenge to get nine Stars in drift zones with the fairlady z. Problem is my map doesn’t show any drift zones. Does anybody know what you have to do to unlock them?

I have been playing FH5 for over 12 hours, and I have yet to see any drift zones. All other PR Stunts are showing.

I cannot even do the Weekly Forzathon, it has recognized my car - but that is far as I have got.

PC player

I believe mine all showed when I opened the first locked portion of the Horizon Rush outpost.


You need to open Horzion Rush to open all the stunts and drift zones


Cool thanks guys. I love how there’s all this stuff locked and no one knows how to unlock it and you just play and hope it happens. It’s a bit ridiculous how they’ve built the mechanics of this campaign.

Why is it ridiculous? I thought it was self explanatory. If you want dirt races, open the dirt outpost, road races, open the road race outpost, PR stuns and drifting open the Rush outpost. It’s fairly straightforward.


Once you make the minimal progression of getting to the first Horizon Festival unlock it seemed pretty clear to me. But if you get that far and pay zero attention, don’t read a single thing, and have never played a video game before I can see how it might be an impenetrable system. Personally, I was annoyed that it was being a bit too hand-holdy by making me wait for it to finish talking before allowing me to select what I wanted to unlock next. I get it - just let me select a thing and move on.

To be fair I had a similar issue. It was the last one to unlock for me. Clicked on the ticket to start then got distracted and went and done something else. I then couldn’t remember where the icon was. I found the little castle looking thing later and the the drift zones opened up like the rest.

Spent the whole day trying to open drift zones to do the seasonal event… had to search for this thread.