NFS: Carbon Darius's Audi R8 Paint Job! (FM6, FH2, FM5)

If anyone has played Need for Speed: Carbon, you know you wanted to drive Darius’s SWEET Audi R8. Well, wait no longer! I have made the paint job for his car! It is on the only Audi R8 present in the game, so just get that car, and search “Stacked Deck” or “AUGSpeed” (that’s my gamertag) to find the paint job! Be sure to like it! Also, I have made a Car Club in the game based on Stacked Deck, so feel free to join me in that as well! And for those of you sad people who have only Forza 5, search the same things on that game as well, I made it there too. Well, I hope to see you out there… Or maybe I wont, I’ll probably be ahead of you. Forza 6, Forza Horizon 2, and Forza 5 all have this design.


The color is hard to see in the pictures, but it’s there, don’t worry.


Would be good to see some photos of it :slight_smile:



Photos or it didn’t happen :wink:

I’d love to see some photos as well.

I’m more of a Most Wanted (2005) guy but, I did see your design in game and it’s pretty much right on, Good work man!

I made the audi R8 paint on FM4 and FM5 when the game came out as did most. never know whose is accurate but many try.

Nice job man!

I didn’t know people replied on this thread. Ill add some photos when I am able for all those people who are interested. I imported it to FM6, so I’ll take the pictures from there.

Looks great - nice work!

Wish I actually know how to make the livery itself… Really wanted to put it on my Audi R8, but with different colors… :<