Newbie: how to play in coop mode? one Xbox X console + 2 controllers

I have one Xbox X console + 2 controllers and Forza 4.
How can I play with my child with one console?
I looked at the menus but did not find it.
Also when I click on an event, it says that it is locked and I must “qualify for Autumn and ”
What is this?
Much appreciated.

you cant
unless you get another xbox or pc
there is no 2 player mode

Sadly, you cannot play Forza with two people on one console. You need two copies of the game/two machines/or an extra PC in order to do it. There is no split screen version.

As a newbie, you need to finish out the “pre-season” intro thing before you get into the full open world that is Horizon. Even then, more events open up as you complete others.

The “Co-Op” is there for two people to race vs the AI. So anyone on your friends list, or just someone online at the time can join in and the two of you are on the same team as opposed to competing against each other.

Good luck and enjoy.