Newb. A couple of photos and a few questions

I got an Xbox One and Forza 6 for Christmas. (Yay!) The photo and video features seem pretty cool, but I’m a bit confused.

I can share photos within Forza 6. That gives me a gallery here and my photos can be accessed via Forza Hub (I think). Photos have star ratings. I’m guessing the star ratings are based on the number of likes a photo gets, yes? But there’s no way to like a photo from the web gallery. And I can’t detect any rhyme or reason to the photos I see on Forza Hub.
When I create a photo, I enter the mfg, model, and some keywords. But within Forza Hub there’s no way to search based on those fields. Within Forza 6 I can search for mfg & model photos, but there’s no way to like the photos there. And it doesn’t seem I can view a person’s gallery here from their user profile. I see there’s a whole topic here for sharing galleries, but the galleries are not the galleries, they are user created topics for posting photos.

Is the whole photo feature as disjointed as it feels? Or am I missing something fundamental?

Here are my first two photos:

Audi TT Sparks

Audi TT Two Wheeling