New Xbox console Home experience | July 2023

Welcome To Your New Xbox Home

by Ivy Krislov, Senior Product Manager Lead, Xbox Experiences • Jul 26, 2023 @ 8:00am

Starting today, a new Home experience is rolling out to all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. This update is designed from player feedback and makes it easier to discover new games, rediscover games you already love, connect with communities, and create a more personalized experience.

We’re excited to share more about the journey that led us here, and what you can expect with this new update.

Your new Xbox Home

1: Makes it easy to go to your Library, the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Search, and Settings at the very top of your Home by introducing a quick access menu.

2: Creates more space for your personalized background by simplifying the layout and putting the games you recently played and other content and apps towards the bottom of the screen.

3: Adds an option to change your background to match the game you are highlighting in the recently played list.

4: Improves game discovery by introducing lists of games curated and personalized for you.

5: Allows you to customize your experience by pinning your favorite games, curated groups, and system groups like Quick Resume to Home.

6: Helps you find what’s going on in your community through the updated Friends & Community Updates row.

7: Shows you what media apps and content are available to you via a Watch & Listen spotlight and list of entertainment apps

We’re currently rolling the new Home experience out to a subset of all Xbox consoles. This means that some customers will need to wait a few weeks to get their hands on it. Rest assured over the next few weeks, it’s coming to a console near you! If you’re seeing the new Home on your console and you want to customize it to your liking, our guide has you covered.

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Can I keep my previous background? I really don’t want to change it.

What was your previous? You can still personalize the background

It was my favorite screen shot. My console deleted it after I set it.

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Idk about screenshots being deleted :man_shrugging:

Does the Xbox phone app not keep your captures? Or the pc app? Can’t imagine it just vanished but…

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I don’t know. Back when I took that screenshot I didn’t have the app. It vanished from the console and now I don’t know what happened to it.
When will the new update come out?

Thanks @robotiChart.

My xsx updated last week.

Could be a phased rollout if you don’t have it yet or try check for updates on your console

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Thank you very much @robotiChart. I will give that a try.

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See first post

I got the update only today, to say simply I hate it… Earlier I only had to skip 1 useless rows to access my custom Groups. Now they have added a recently added which is too high also. I can’t even see my groups now without going down. I hate hate it…

Now it seems 80% of the home screen is advertisements. And to make it worse there is no way to re order those groups. Please give back the customizations. This is my Xbox and I would like to see what I like, not your marketing crap.

It’s funny they are saying this…

When we first showed Xbox Insiders what we were working on we heard your feedback clearly – you wanted more room to show off custom backgrounds or game art, quicker navigation options, and more personalization.

With the new design, I see less personalization, more clicks to navigate to my favorites… Please fix it, or give back the previous version…

And why they had to remove the My Games and put Store there? I will not buy games everyday. But I’ll surely play games from my library every day. Don’t tell me it’s available in the top, Store available there as well…

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Adds an option to change your background to match the game you are highlighting in the recently played list.

How do I do this? This is the only good thing I have seen in the article. Somehow I don’t have that option…

There’s room for improvement but I like it

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Definitely room for improvement. The home is nice and looks kind of like Netflix. I wish you could add clubs to the home.