new cars

I’m beyond shocked that this game would put a 2015 mustang gt in before a 2014 z28 camaro. Which won drivers choice car of the year in 2014…and how hard is it to put the newer camaros in period? We’ve seen the same 2012 zl1 in the first horizon.

In the end, the choices of the cars that are put into the game are the decision of Turn 10/ Playground Games. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but if I had to hazard a guess for this example, I’d say that the new Mustang’s debut was a more momentous and notable event in car history than the Z28’s.

Perhaps you’d like to express your concern on the Car Wishlist Thread?

^. Use the car wishlist. I bet Turn 10 and Playgroud know that a lot of people would like the Z28 and the Hellcat in, and might be in the next car pack. You never know.