Need some advice or help

Hey good ppl, I am working on a design and kinda stuck due to lack of skill, or knowledge.

I am trying to put a slash in my design but I can never make it look like liquid, just kind looks like blobs with enemic (sp) looking blue chicken pocks. any one have a tutorial or some thing that would show me how to make it look like a splash.
any help would be appreciated, as I need this design for the up coming XBOX racing league GTD series. and it starts in 2 weeks.
Later Gators

If you have any pictures of what you are trying to paint then someone could help point you in the right direction. Sounds like you are going for a water look ( wave )

Well basically I am trying to do a play on the sprite logo with the lemon and lime splashing up some sprite.
A quick Google of sprite logo should bring up enough images that you get the idea

Sprite logo I am trying to do

Ok, I see what you’re talking about. Try working with your transparency. You have a good start so far.

Well because the race season is starting soon , for now I just decided to go with what I had.

Here is the finished car.

Sprite Viper

did the same on my team mates car just reversed the yellow and green. makes it easier to see who is who in the replays.