need help with 2 decals hard to recreate (one hard to id. other no good sources)

trying to figure out two decals for this car im almost done making them. like i said one i need to id another i know it and i need to recreate it.

the decals in question is under the try force sticker and above the yokohama tire sticker all i can read is imag or meg thats about it any1 seen the sticker before?

the other sticker i need to get some1 to make says 3ZZ which i believe is a sticker for its engine. the other trial car has it. but still hard to find a good source of the sticker.

much appreaciated if some1 could either help find good sources or create them for me!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a high-resolution image of that logo, nor have I been able to find one.
However, I do have some information about what that logo is. It is believed to be the logo of the “Triforce Zelda Magnum”, a wheel that was once manufactured by Trial.
The only picture I could find of the Triforce Zelda Magnum logo is the picture of the wheel on this blog.
I found these two images of the 3ZZ by TRIAL sticker.
This is also not a very high resolution image, but it can be used as a reference.

This is the largest pic I could find of the magnum logo, hope it helps.