Need for speed closed beta

Anyone on this, love how it looks and all the customisation but can’t get to grips with the handling

I had a quick go, but the handling is like other EA games…just too weird. There is no feel of control. Looks good though.

So the beta is all finished, didn’t managed to get as much game time as I would have wanted but here’s my verdict

Game looks great and the customisation is what we’ve all been wanting forza to do for a while, the vinyl editor isn’t as polished as forza but people will be familiar with it and the amount of after market logos will keep people happy

Handling I’m still not convinced, feedback to the controller is weird, it took me a while playing with the sliders and upgrading parts to get it somewhere that I could actually get around without over steering everywhere, but I think if I had more time and some more of the better upgrades installed I could get it dialled in

Game progression seems balanced after about 2 1/2 hours I’d managed to get to rep 14 which is where you start unlocking the body kits and by that time I had upgraded a lot of performance parts aswell

Overall I’m still going to purchase it as the customisation alone is great, and I can’t wait to start creating some awesome cars