NASCAR Tunes by xDeaDxCriMinaLx

As soon as I gain access to the game at midnight I will be working on getting some NASCAR tunes out! Keep an eye out for them in the game early.

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… bump…

Hey Crim,

I picked up the Snickers NASCAR Camray, do you have any tunes of that one?

I will soon. Have had a few days of not so much ability to play. Working on getting the tunes put over at the moment. Check for the tune within a few hours of this post.

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Thank you sir.

Figured I should add this as well. I currently only have 2 tunes at the moment for each that I am putting on them. I have a stock Daytona and stock road course. Then once those are finished i will have to do some racing to build up credits to upgrade all the cars and make upgraded tunes.

For the record the stock tunes are able to be used in the driver’s cup. So those will help for those races.

I picked up those tunes, yeah that was me lol :wink:
Thanks for doing that so quick Crim. I’m doing that tuning comp thing and then I’ll unleash the Snickers.

No problem! I have the funds now to get some upgrades on the cars. I will be rolling those out sometime within the next few days. Sadly without any online NASCAR hoppers my tunes won’t really be touched besides the stock ones for the single player.

Tunes plz…

Any idea when we can expect more NASCAR tunes?

Sorry guys I’ve not been very active over the last week forza wise. Work schedule has changed a bit and I’m still adjusting. I would like to give some sort of date to when these new tunes could be arriving but I don’t want anyone to be let down if it’s been pushed back. I will be doing my best to get the energy and focus to produce some tunes soon. If there is anything specific you would like me to tune up for you track wise please let me know.

No problem, just looking forward to your tunes.
I currently have the #18 M&M’s Camray and the #22 Penske Penzoil Fusion cars but I don’t believe you have ant tubes for these yet. Take care of life first as that is priority #1 and any game issues cones well after life issues are addressed. Game should always come last or at least close to it😃