My tunes that YOU want/ Crew Tryout Race

Whats up everyone! Hope your HORIZON FESTIVAL is growing and hope you are all enjoying it like i am. I am a long time Forza player ( since Forza Motorsport 2 ) I love car and racing is a passion of mine. So over the years i have become an ELITE racer and self taught my self how to TUNE everything on the car. Tuning is something i never shared because i spend alot of time on my tunes and dont really want someone to having something i made without a price. But now with this tuner rep and earning credits threw the AUCTION HOUSE i have decided to open my tunes up for people to buy. I build cars tune then and sell them. Please check out my STORE FRONT - TRIPPY AGENT117 im adding tunes to my list as i go. Some will be updated as time gos on. Im always making small adjustment to get the most out of a car. Am i the best tuner? no lol not claiming to be but what i do is put alot of time and effort into my tunes to give me a competitive edge on the car next to me.

I will also tune your car for credits just shoot me a message.

Keep a look out for my cars in the AUCTION HOUSE

We are also having a CREW TRYOUT RACE. If your looking for a crew that gos for the Win and strives for leaderboard domination than give me a shout. TRYOUT RACES start at 7pm EASTERN.