My Tunes on Twitch and Twitter

Hey Everyone, hopefully you are all enjoying the game thus far! I wanted to let those of you that are familiar with my tunes that I will be open sourcing just about all tunes in FM6. I will do this on my Twitch channel, Twitch and also I will be doing a good bit on twitter @v12tneagle

See you on the track!

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Once the forums are updated for FM6 I will have a catalog up but the open source will only be on twitter/twitch.

Was watching you stream today; it’s good to see you back.

P.S. I still use your FM5 Impalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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That was definitely my most downloaded tune in FM5 lol. I have it shared in both B and A class right now :slight_smile:

I should be live on twitch tomorrow around 8 am. Will probably build/tune some muscle cars :slight_smile:

Will be live in about an hour.

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Several new cars up from today’s stream. B Class Toyota GT86 was the favorite. Make sure to follow on twitter and join the stream to get the open source of these tunes!

No stream today guys, headed out of town for Monday Night Football! There is a new Ferrari F50 up in A class though :slight_smile: