My Personal Tunes!

I have a couple cars with top speed tunes, as well as overall speed tunes.

So far the only tuning i’m good at is top speed, so feel free to find my tunes on the store thing.

My current Tuning list consists of tunes for all sorts of cars, and i’ll be tuning and messing with my favorites from time to time, so just letting everyone know these tunes are there under my profile if you want to use them :slight_smile:
Search on XBL FH2 to find my tunes/paints.
Gamertag: XeroCreator

Ongoing EDIT:
Cars Currently Tuned to max:
Nissan GTR
Supra F&F
Alfa 33 Stradale

In Progress:
2013 GT500
EB110 Bugatti

(For the GTR I have the fastest tune that i’ve seen, fastest meaning fastest overall for this car, not for ALL cars, as we all know what the fastest car is., I also have managed to tune it to be slightly able to turn. If you find a faster tune (this one is 0-100 in 3.891S and can reach 245 on the airstrip (from the white line)) feel free to share :slight_smile:
But for purposes of this board, i’m just going to say i have a very fast overall tune for the GTR. (P.S. updating with a video of the car going 0-268 when i get time)

This is the start of this post and i’ll update as soon as i get more tunes maxed out.

Edit: Feel free to use anything you find under my name, obviously i can’t stop you, but i’m cleaning my tunes up so if you find one you like other than the top speed one’s i can re-make them.

If you have a request, and i have the car already, i’ll put out a tune for whatever you want :slight_smile:

Note: I’m currently still learning how to tune for drifting and handling, so if anyone wants to help out teaching me how to do that, i’d appreciate it!!
Of course if you do help with any tunes i’ll give you credit.

Special thanks for tunes go to :

Cyber Cracker, who helped me learn how to properly tune for speed and acceleration balance.