My idea for Forza Motorsport 9

I know we’ve not even seen the new Forza Motorsport yet, but I’ve got a great idea for the next FM game. With the 20th anniversary coming up in 2025, my ideas are centered very much around this very fact.

I would structure the campaign around 9 blocks of events. Each block focusing on each FM game, a sort of Forza’s greatest hits. Block one could focus on FM1 with all the tracks from that game or most of them at least, the second block could focus on FM2 with cars and tracks from that game and so on. Each block could give you access to Rivals, free play and multiplayer. Block 9 could focus on a mix of all of the tracks from the previous blocks, a sort of showdown block.

This would sure fix peoples appetite to replay perhaps the best Forza game to date FM4 which as we know is not backwards compatible. This celebratory Forza game could give us fans the best of those games including all or most of the circuuts from each game. It would be tough to rebuild all the tracks admittedly but given they wouldnt need to release this until 2025 or 2026, the team will have a couple of years to build them and add DLC further down the line.

Id love to see this. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this? Its purely a wishlist and nothing more but can only hope Turn 10 have something planned for the 20th anniversary of Forza Motorsport.

I doubt they will release another FM in 2025. This is going to be it for this console generation imo.

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We’re talking about fm9 already???!!???!!!?!!?

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Sorry I know what you mean but thought id mention it because it would tie in with the 20th anniversary of the first game in 2005.

Im very excited for the new Forza Motorsport but just think it will be good to see some kind of anniversary game. Sorry if ive offended anyone.

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Goodness no I’m not offended!!! I just wondered why we were already talking about fm9 when fm23 hasn’t come out yet.

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I’m questioniing the “why” since it was stated that there would be no more, this was the last one, and it would be “rolling updates and additions” instead of a “new” game every (insert random number here) years.

IF FM is still going in 25, then you could expect “A Very Special Update and Addon” to celebrate, likely for FH as well, unless what’s been said by T10/XGS gets crunched, up, thrown in the bin, and set on fire before being sealed in concrete and dropped in the deepest part of the ocean. Figuratively speaking, of course.


I didn’t know either.