My Forza 5 Car Suggestion List

1990 Camaro - It was never explained why it got removed
Any 2nd gen ram - Literally ask anyone in the community 95% will say The Dodge Ram 2nd generation is one of the most popular pickup trucks, its a icon, a Cult car, Personally id put a 1994 2500, first year of the generation and 2500 for it being a Heavy duty 4wd Ram
Plymouth Roadrunner- ANY YEAR WOULD WORK, we only have the barracuda in plymouth forza 5 atm, and the roadrunner was a ICON back in its day, we could use a GTX also for some more plymouth Love
2004 Chevy Tahoe Z71 - Hear me out, im a mopar fan, but the 2004 tahoe z71 is such a underrated car, the interior is lovely, its a mix between luxury and offroad, give it a 5.3l vortec and call it a day