My FM4 Paints

That’s a very nice collection of designs.

Thanks guys.

Threw this together quickly today

in my SF now


had to check this out I like the vintage style paints and the engine bay details gonna have to get that subie aswell looking good wsd


19 and 35 are stunning designs! Great work. Have you ever gotten that feeling that maybe you should buy the car in order to get the paint for it?


Fantastic work, really incredible. All brilliant, but the Bulldog SLS is my favorite! Quite fond of the Impreza too.

Well done!

Thanks :slight_smile:

great job dude. i wish i knew how to do something close to that.

do you use any clip art or photoshop?

Thanks, no everything has to be made in the in game editor with the shapes supplied.

Wow. Nice work💪

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