My average ranked experience

For 3 championships now, I have come first in every single race event, and my team always fails to pull themselves through. I am being punished for the lack of skill in my team, my rank plummeting out of my hands. Is this what ranked in a racing game should be? based on the performance of random people I’ve never met? Random people who don’t even have an interest in playing the game before jumping in?


It’s crazy I had the same happen to me last night I can’t believe they thought this would be a success or what we wanted.

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This ^ it’s simply lazy design, even if i manage to get 5 other decent people from my friends list IT DOESN’T WORK!
The only way to do this so called “ranked” is to go with random people…

I have similarly, because of this I gave up these races, it does not make sense in this form

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My biggest problem with ranked is the lack of any team effort at all. Its bad enough people love smashing into each other, but for the love of god stop smashing into the people your suppose to be working with!

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It’s amazing how some people on here try and defend this nonsense.

Online is unequivocally worse than in FH3. They took the worse game mode and made it the only game mode you can play.

In catering towards terrible players, they’ve alienated the rest of the playerbase


Same as it ever was.

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It’s far worse now.

Drive cleanly and come first and you’d very likely win in FH3. Occasionally somebody would drift round every corner and beat you from 3rd or 4th.

In FH4 you’re at the complete mercy of your teammates.

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