Multiplayer - Private Lobbies - Kick by Inactivity

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We’ve noted an issue yesterday with the new feature of kicking the inactive people. We were on a Private Lobby doing our Qualifying, which implies that everyone starts separated by a few seconds to have a clean undisturbed lap (plus no collisions) and everyone that were with the per-car delay above 1 minute got kicked due to inactivity (most were accelerating and playing with the controls). This has forced us to have a smaller separation (maximum of 2.4s) between cars, even if the track allows for more space between cars (longer lap times).

Is there a way to allow this feature to be deactivated on the Private Lobbies at the choice of the Host?


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No it’s not.
and it is allready several treads about this…
To don’t get kicked u have to move the car. ore brake ore something. i’m shure T10 wil make this optional in private lobbyes in the future. it’s hard for the drifters aswell. cannot judge a drifting race without getting kicked ore move the car every 40 sec ore so.

Search for similar treads(not far to scroll down) and post the issue there… the more that post in the same treads the better!!