Multiplayer not working since release

Bought the game for windows 10 on release, and have never been able to join lobby’s. I have checked my connection through the XBOX App and it always showed serverconnectivity was blocked, even though my NAT-type is Open. the message I then get when trying to join a lobby is Failed to acquire server data.
Been on some different forums to resolve it and found out it might have to do something with Services. Found a list of which services should have which option selected. I probably found the problem as I do not have 2 services on that list that are probably needed to play multiplayer. I am missing Xbox Live Networking Services and Xbox Live Game Save.

This might be the problem but I have no idea on how to resolve this. If anyone has a clue on what to do please help.

You should check if Teredo is enabled. Open the XBOX application and check this :

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Had that message in the beginning, that one is now resolved.

As I opened the App again and refreshed my connectivity, it didn’t show any problems. I was connected and everything was fine. Then I tried joining a lobby to see wether it was working but it just kept loading and trying to join the lobby. Refreshed the connectivity again and now it said server connectivity was blocked. There was no message about Teredo.

I’m not on PC & this may sound silly but do you have an active xboxlive gold membership?

“Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately)”

Yes I got that

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