Multiplayer Lobby

Waiting 15 minutes because i don’t want to play S2 Dirt on repeat is very frustrating. And even more so when i join a series, just to play the last race and be offered to play S2 Dirt again. The way multiplayer is setup now is just borderline useless and infuriating. Let us be able to choose what car/track/weather we want to play in.

Also, please, fire the animal who keeps saying multiplayer needs to be kindergarten friendly, he’s keeping the game from being a hundred times better.

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There’s many threads on this topic. PGG have also stated they will “fix” this in an upcoming series.

I agree. Fh4 was much better in that you could see who was in the lobby and how many races left

I am still coming here from time to time to see how things progress, if they finally do something concerning the multiplayer. Looks nothing is progressing on that aspect, still having to cope with insane waiting time, aren’t you ?
imho, FH3 was the best concerning multiplayer, ramming was under some control and except the issue of players drifting in the back, there wasn’t much to complain about compared to FH4/5. FH4 was a ramming fest for anyone not able to escape the crowd or dodge high skilled rammers.
FH5 multi might be good but there is no scenario where I pay and sit for more than 10mn or reboot the game to get a race, that’s not the level of performance I expect in 2022

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You could avoid rammers in fh4 by playing with “collisions off” setting. Serious racers would play col off if there were enough players interested. Otherwise, we would have to play col on and take our chances with the cheats and rammers

This mode already existed in FH3. They broke interest in this feature by not allowing a player to start a championship alone. Ridiculous limitation since it was common to finish championship alone when started with beginners …