Multiplayer just doesn't work

2 days now I haven’t been able to join an online lobby.
“Failed to get match server list” every time. Very annoying… How do I fix :frowning:

Edit: wow as I write this it for once joins me into one… Maybe just inconsistent?

What kind of router are you using? A friend of mine had connection issues with both FM5 and FM6. He was able to connect to lobbies but as soon as the race would start he would get disconnected. He was using a Belkin router when all this was happening and switched out to a spare D-Link router he had. Multiplayer has worked fine since he switched to the D-Link

Not sure.Ive yet to have 1 problem… Maybe d/c your wifi and refresh?
Slow connection?Ping rate?

I connect immediately and have no lag at all.Chat is clear as can be as well.

Look into port forwarding. Made a world of difference for me and a few other friends

It seems to be ok now but oh my god the forza community is at its worst now… Every race there’s 2-3 cars waiting for people to come round and cause a pile up… :confused: