Multiplayer is absolutely terrible

  • Smokey tyres everywhere
  • Terrible sync issues causing players to glitch around
  • loading times longer than many races
  • cheaters in races that I can’t even easily report,
  • op cars everywhere, op cars that were op years ago are still op for some reason
  • ramming is still encouraged by track design, checkpoints and pitiful penalty system
  • no structure to the online, no rewards, no ranking, no effort
  • Can’t choose what to race but I’m free to just quit till I get the type of race I want
  • Bad or nonexistant matchmaking means I’ll only end up racing 1 or 2 others
  • Most of the times the game places me in ongoing adventures meaning you get a loading screen to then sit around and wait 2-15 minutes for the ongoing race to end, then more loading screens until you start an adventure you can’t win cause you joined midway trough.
  • Anything with a leaderboard is overflowing with cheaters

I regret buying this game.


Read through the forum. A lot of what you’re calling “cheaters” is due to major bugs. Multiplayer races are plagued by a currently-broken penalty system. The leaderboards have a major bug where people finishing custom events in a few seconds (perfectly legit) are posted to the leaderboards as if they ran the normal race. A lot of players probably have no idea about the leaderboard bug.

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There is a ton of straight up cheats man. Youtube it for like 5 seconds and see for yourself.


Abusing a bug is cheating, but I was talking about people using speed hacks in actual races. Yes. We’ve reached that point.


I’ve played a fair bit of open and haven’t seen any outright cheaters/hackers.

In A/S class there are OP power builds that need to be nerfed, basically some cars can fit 1200 hp and full weight reduction with stock tires and remain fairly drivable, I could see how a NSX-gt or jag looks like a hack, on any straightaway they can overtake the entire field.

edit: I have seen hackers in dominator but none in open yet. I don’t doubt that they exist but I’ve personally never seen on (in racing modes).

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I do remember saying early on Tour was probably the best MP mode and that was before I gave a few runs in Open racing. Tour doesn’t really need free roam but they left it in for some reason. 5 events does seem to be a bit much in Open racing especially with the long load times but I’ve found myself doing more PG games, at least since they added solo flag rush back to the playlist.

There are some new go-to cars but its just not as fun as the last game. In some areas it feels like they copy and pasted the old game onto the new map bringing all the old bugs and revealing some new ones. I’m not sure who requested a new physics system but FH4 system was nearly perfect. They could have improved the landings in cross country without changing the braking and handling systems.

One thing I can give absolute credit on is the new ramps. They are very smooth in cross country but the landings are worse, either because the ramps are too vertical or the cars land too flat. A few times I’ve had my car land so hard it stopped me completely, like a dead stop and that shouldn’t happen. Speed hacks still exist and I’ve seen some people on infinite ghost mode while others are trading paint.

I definitely think they should tone down the tyre smoke, it might have seemed like a good idea but it’s too much.


Yeah, the tyre smoke to begin with was like “oh, that’s cool, tyre smoke to match the drifting”…now it’s like “please, remove the tyre smoke”. Was doing the Trial on Thursday and X Class cars were producing tyre smoke on every corner and through entire long sweeping corners…very distracting not to mention causes issues for those behind who can’t see where they are going!

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GT Sport

I hear ya bud. But GT Sport is at the end of it’s life. Maybe I’ll jump ship for GT7.

Funny you should mention that, I traded some unused tech for a PS4 Pro today and picked up GT Sport.
Just doing the 'Driving School to get used to the controls. First time I’ve held a PS controller since PS2.

That’s 3 OG Xbox, 3 Xbox 360, 2 Xbox One… every forza in my collection.
Just not seeing the committment or comms from the Devs. Released the game with a lot of unacceptable bugs, online is broken though will probably be fixed. Leaderboards are pointless, Cross County is a lottery, Drivertar AI is poor. The Trial this week tipped me over the edge.

GT7 in March confirm for PS4.

Will keep doing the weeklies for now, but just not enjoying FH5. If nothing else at least I can try The Last of Us…

GT , for dirt, cc, street racing, open world ? I did not played it much but I have no memory of such there !
afaik, there is no equivalent for racing in open world, latest best equivalent I know of is FH3, last one of the series that valued clean racing. There was no penalty system, only clean racing promotion and not 10% of the ramming anyone can experience on 4 and 5.

The main GT games usually have a few dirt events but yeah it’s not a directly comparable game to the Horizon series, more Forza Motorsport.

I personally like online races in FH5. What I think is terrible is there is no ranked races. This is why I will not be playing FH5 in the distance future as I’m already getting bored of having no competition. I miss the days of racing against grand masters and learning one or two things I could do better next time. This is literally how I got good myself. Why oh why did they have to remove ranked races… Seriously why…

I love smokey tyres.

Wow wow WOW!!! People are cheating in the PG games too! PC player was rubberbanding in a game of King! Anytime someone stole the crown from him, he’d speed back to them in 1.5 seconds. Whhhhhyyyyyyyy??! Stop even allowing this a chance to occur! Seriously man, if every mode gets plagued by this behavior, the game is gonna be more of a joke than it already is.