Multi-class racing - what happened to it?

come on guys where are the other hoppers please respond


I found the S class Hopper (Exotic Showdown) but i can only choose 3 cars. This is not rly a S class Hopper. Why? Will this always be like this ?
In the A class Hopper i can choose every car i want,why not in S ?
And where is the B class Hopper ? Am I doing something wrong?
Please help me and sry for my english !
ps: Hopper=Multiplayer

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More are gonna be added soon, perhaps after the game officially comes out.

During yesterday’s 12 hour live stream it was mentioned that more lobbies will be coming soon. They kept the lobby total low for now so it’s easier for people to find a match in multiplayer. Hopefully all our old favorites will be returning soon.

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No you’re not doing anything wrong, there is currently a limited amount of lobbies so it’s easier for people to find a match. Supposedly more will be added soon as more people start playing the game.

Ahh ok, thx !

Does anyone know when they are bring back all the hoppers? I want to race A class


They put the hoppers back. YESS!!!

Oh thank god!!!

I was getting really tired of all the Mini Coopers in B Class. At least the BAC Monos in A class can be beaten!


Good now everyone can stop complaining.Took a whole 2 days since nationwide release…
Relax just kidding but really people should give turn ten a few days anyways.All the reasoning made sense…They were prolly waiting for enough people to fill lobbies.

Mind you, I didn’t play any multiplayer in 5. I do remember the multi-class from 4, like A & C, S & B, etc. It was an interesting mix and also the griefers were pretty minimal. Any chance they’ll bring it back?


I sure hope so.

I loved Forza Lemans

The ABC’S were my favorite lobby.

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Yea I really miss muh ABCS. Was a fun way to drive a bunch of different cars.

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They had ABCS in Forza 5, but I don’t think it was very popular. I hope they bring it back in Forza 6.

My personal favorite was Any Class. Yes it was an absolute mess at times but it was pretty fun.

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I agree, the ABC Hoppers were fun.
Id love to see them back.

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Has there been any news on further lobbies/hoppers?

ABC’S was all I used to play. Really hope that makes a come back.

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Oh yeah, I miss these too.

And its perfect for a field of 24 cars.

+1 to this.

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