Motorsport 7 / Horizon 4 vinyl backwards compatibility

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting deep into the game of making my own Manufacturer logos and such, finally, on Horizon 4. But I’m not seeing the ability to transfer them back to Motorsport 7, so I’m just assuming it isn’t there.

I’m wondering why if Motorsport 7 is supposed to be getting a more prolonged life, we can’t transfer vinyl groups from Horizon 4 back to Motorsport 7. They’re not competing games. I’m sure a lot of the guys here are still playing both along-side each other for the enjoyment of both - Open-road racing, and Competition racing.

I understand not being able to do such things from Motorsport 6 to 7 or Horizon 3 to 4 (kind of…), but this should definitely be a quality of life improvement, as it seems like a simply overlooked feature between two games that should be complementing each-other.