Morgan Aero 2000-2019

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Morgan Aero

This topic is for variants other than the 2019 Morgan Aero GT already in FH5. (Final total: 65 votes)

This model has also appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2010 Morgan Aero SuperSports (FM3-FM4 | FH4)


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The Morgan Aero GT

A Model consisting of only 8 Morgans based off the Aero 8 but given performance improvements and a bespoke nature according to each client’s requests.

It was the final Car in the Morgan 8 Lineup and was meant as a Send-Off to what is arguably Morgan’s most iconic Range.

It’s issued with the standard 4.8L V8 Engine from BMW producing 367hp and only available as a Manual. The Car only weighs 1180kg without the Roof on and can manage a 0-62mph time of 4.5s and a top speed of around 170mph.

The original Price of the Car was around £120,000 with an estimated extra £24,000 for Tax in the UK bringing it to roughly £144,000 total.

All 8 Client’s who purchased the model were invited to a meeting with the Design Lead of Morgan, Jon Ross, to decide upon their exact specifications following which the car would be built over a 10 Week period.

Two versions of the Car, the Black one was Bought and then Sold by the Client while the Grey One was also used in promotional material for the media before being given to its owner.

This was also the Morgan that featured in the Car Pass DLC of Forza Horizon 4


The Morgan Aeromax

Originally designed by a 21 Year Old Design Student, Matt Humphries, as a One-Off Morgan Aero 8 Coupe for one of the Companies Primary Investors, Prince Eric I. Sturdza, it was made into a full production model after being showcased at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show.

Only 100 were built but besides being a Coupe it was also outfitted with an upgraded version of the companies standard 4.4L BMW V8 which was bored out to 4.8L. Producing around 380hp and 361 lb-ft it was a fairly effective upgrade and was able to propel the car to 62mph in 4.2s and up to a top speed of 170mph. The Car itself was constructed with an Aluminium Monocoque over a Wooden Frame giving it a weight of 1180kg and good handling characteristics.


Two 2016 Morgan Aero 8’s



Morgan Aero Supersports

Last featured in Forza Horizon 4



2015 Morgan Aero 8


2018 Morgan Aero GT


2012 Morgan Aero Coupe

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