More Augmented Reality

I would like them to add more AR elements to the game. The biggest ADD I NEED is AR brake markers, for the love of god , I cannot even see the markers on most tracks , and the BRAKE LINE is obsolete with never an explanation as to how to use it . So I simply need brake markers that look exactly like the track limit elements!( I figured you are suppose to cut to the inside of the brake line , hit the apex and go out???)

The next AR element I need is a CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE style speedo on the actual car, being able to be moved around to anyplace you want… ( I would like to place mine right on my cars bumper in t he center of the screen , turn all the hud off so its clean and sexy… UNLIKE the current game which is CRAP!
I mean really why do you lock the speedo to the side of the screen it HURTS MY EYES .
Id like some kind of data read out its cool you know?
with all the stupid monetization IM surprised they dont release track skins so we can change up the look of each track , from moderate holiday themes to crazy visually stimulating fx! basically COD gun skins only made for tracks!