Mode settings (comfort, sport etc)

I feel like we should be able to switch from different modes in your cars. (ex. Comfort, Comfort+, Sport .etc) #forza-horizon

Yes I very much think they should add comfort, sport, sport+ for a more real car driving experience

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We like drive select as a options with the button witchs we use voor open roof cars.
Like Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Race mode

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Das man einstellen kann ob man im sport modus Fährt oder im Track modus Fährt

Hope to add a Highway/Track driving mode switching function similar to AMG ONE to McLaren P1 (and other Hypercar). Allows McLaren P1 (and other Hypercar) to raise the chassis and close the rear wing in Highway mode, lower the chassis and raise the rear wing in Track mode. :crossed_fingers:


The certain Lamborghinis have the word “sport” on the gauge. Idk if that means it can be switched to “race”. (I’ve never owned a Lamborghini, soo…)