Missing Keywords for Photos?

I can no longer upload photos. When I go to select a keyword for the photos, the box turns blank and will not let me select any options. Therefore rendering me unable to upload the photo. Anyone else?

Same here. I haven’t been able to share any photos :frowning:

Hasn’t done that for photos for me yet, but it does that when I try to share vinyl groups

it’s more than likely server related while they’re trying to fix the other bugs

yeah launch day server stuff, hope it;s back soony

I’m getting the same thing. It worked fine for the first photo I took not long after the game released but now I can’t get any keywords. Yet another bug they need to address…

Just came across an oddity. I was trying to upload a photo and the keywords(1&2) were both blank. I couldn’t make any selections and it wouldn’t let me share the photo without assigning it keywords. Anyone else run across this? I’ll get back on in a little while and try again.

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I’m having this same issue and it’s extremely annoying! I’m eager to show my photos but I can’t do to this glitch.

EDIT: It’s fixed for me! Onto sharing photos.

This might sound like a bit of a noob question but how is everyone getting pictures in FH2? Every time I try to share a photo I get an error message saying I must select 2 keywords for the photo but I don’t see an option to select any keywords. There is a spot for it but I can’t select anything… Is everyone using capture cards or?

The photos I take in FH2 aren’t showing up in my gallery on here, I only see photos I took from Forza 5. And I took like 5 photos last night in photo mode…

This is the exact same thing that was happening to me last night, thought it was only me but then a friend tried it and same thing happened to him. As it been fixed now?

This is working for me now.

Ok, well I’m at wok for a few more hours but I’ll report back once I get home and can try it again. I just can’t wait to flood Facebook with pictures and rub it in to my Playstation friends :wink:

happened once to me too. just back out from the photo, retake it, and it should show up again. assuming this is probably fixed by now anyway

As someone else mentioned this was deactivated last night whilst work was being done on the servers. I couldn’t see my FH2 photos in my gallery on here, nor could I input the 2 keywords. Should all be working now though.

If you have any pictures you want to upload that you took whilst it was deactivated, just go to your photos in the menu, select the one/s you want to upload and hit X. It should say press X to share or something of that nature, any images not uploaded are listed as private, once shared/uploaded it should then appear in your gallery on here as normal a few minutes later.

Ok, can you confirm that it’s working now? I’m still at work for a little bit yet.