Missing Cars in MP Replay

For some multiplayer replays, cars are missing/invisible while viewing the replay. It doesn’t matter if I reload the replay, the cars still aren’t there. This makes replays look silly when all of a sudden my car goes from 30 mph to like 60 on a turn because some invisible car hit me. Does anyone else experience this?

I find this typically happens when a person leaves the lobby.

But why? Forza 6 didn’t do this, when a player left their car is still in the replay until the point that they left. In Forza 7 there’s like no trace of a player in a replay when they leave, except the times they hit something. Which makes me look like a bad driver when I go off the track because some car hit me that no one can see.

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I noticed this today, A player was crashing on purpose. I saved the replay and checked later only to find he disappeared but his shenanigans are still there.

Thanks for posting, thought i was going crazy.