Microsoft plans to use "Copilot AI" for games

No Thanks, Copilot from the start has annoyed me.
Installed itself without asking overnight a while back and was a pain in the backside to remove from Windows 10

When Microsoft Install A.I onto your computer without asking its not a good thing. It’s times like these I wish I lived in the EU so stuff like this doesn’t happen

Gaming will never be the same

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Why? Copilot can make tunes, add parts, provide strategies for race, improve AI & FRR, etc.

As I said, I don’t really need nor want A.I until it’s actually useful for something I can’t do plus I don’t want it on my system. It’s a daily struggle with the bloatware Mircosoft pushes and the added crap in the task manager that can cause issues when gaming, like the triggering of Global accounts and the way it hides itself under other tasks with it’s runtime broker.

Even when you stop and disable and remove scheduled tasks in Windows these days the OS goes right ahead and turns them back on… now why would I want A.I, I’ll Reg edit it out of existence.

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