Mexican rock/artist to horizon XS

Hi everyone, I want to add a suggestion for the horizon XS playlist

I feel that the horizon XS station is lacking of more Mexican rock/artist and I would like to suggest that you added any of the songs from the warning rock band, they are a Mexican band from Monterrey who have been part of the Metallica blacklist along with other artist, I really love their songs and I think that the radio station can really benefit from their music, because since they have some songs in Spanish it will add more variety to the playlist in general and would make the station feel more local.

I have put on a list of some of the songs that I would like to be added the most, if you have any other songs and artist suggestions, they are welcome.

Animosity – The Warning

23 – The Warning

Choke – The Warning

Narcisista – The Warning

Martirio – The Warning

I just wish I could listen to radio channel that would have all the song from Horizon Festival Map. No vocals, just music, to chill to the Mexican scenery and cruse. It’s already in the game, does not require to add new songs, just create a channel no need for talk show either.
Don’t want to feel like listening to commercial radio with adds. Just more local vibe. It’s said that I have to open up the festival map just to feel the hype, even though I have all unlocked. I am not Mexican, I just enjoy it.