Mercury Marauder 2003-2004 (Gen 3)

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Mercury Marauder (Third Generation)

Definitely would love to see either the 03 or 04 Marauder finally in a Forza game. Both years have the same “performance”.

2003 had Black Clearcoat, Silver Birch Metallic and Dark Pearl Blue Metallic ext color.
2004 had Black Clearcoat, Silver Birch Metallic and Dark Toreador Red Clearcoat Metallic.



Should be easy, just model it from the existing Crown Victoria.


I would love to have this in the game my top 10/5 to have

It’d be insane to have police parts on the Marauder in addition to the Crown Vic.

This beast should be in FH5, don’t care if it’s the ‘03 or ‘04

Engine swap option suggestions:

  1. 5.8L V8 - DSC (2013 Ford Shelby GT500)
  2. 6.2L V8 (LS3)
  3. Racing 7.2L V8
  4. 7.2L V8 (Mustang RTR Drift Car)
  5. 7.4L V8TT
  6. 8.9L V8 DSC
  7. 8.4L V10 (Viper GTS)
  8. 6.5L V12 (Aventador LP700-4)
  9. 7.7L V12 (Cerbera)