Meganinja202´s Car Wishlist

Here is my wishlist of Cars for Both Motorsport and Horizon, i will be updating as i find new sugestions or the cars are added into the game

Forza Motorsport 2023

Forza Horizon 5 (can be Motorsport too, but those i think it fits Horizon better)

This List will be constantly updated and edited, be free to talk about the list


Love your choice of cars!!

I am suprised you liked it, i will try update as i find more cars that i think that can be great on Forza

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New cars added to the list, i am trying to add mostly newer cars since i am sure they are more easier to find and put them on the game for a reason or another, but if i find some old car that i wish it had on Motorsport or Horizon, i would add it on the game

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