Mega Track 1992-1995

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Mega Track 1992-1995

Recently, both Porsche and Lamborghini have revealed off-road supercars, but the Mega Track did the same 30 years ago. It has the same base engine as the Pagani Zonda, left alone at 400 hp in this configuration. The ground clearance can go up to 34 cm thanks to active suspension, and the tires were specially manufactured by Michelin. Limited to 250 km/h (probably on any surface), only 5 or 6 were ever made, 2 of which are in possession of the parent company Aixam, who haven’t ventured out of their main product range, microcars, since the Track. There was another attempt at a supercar later in the 20th century, but the proposed Mega Monte Carlo was even less successful than the Track.


As an off-road racing and oddball cars fan, I definitely want this car in Horizon.
I have several supercars in my garage that I have modified for dirt/cc and this car will perform better than them in gravel.
This is a dream car for me.