Maserati Tipo 63/64/65 1961

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Maserati Tipo 63/64/65

These models are also called “mid-engined Birdcages” or “Supercages”, for voting on the Tipo 60/61 click here.


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  • 63 (Inline-4)
  • 63 (V12)
  • 64
  • 65
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Tipo 63 V12, Chassis #63.008

The exhausts look super cool with how far they stick out

Source: Maserati Tipo 63 Birdcage - 1961 - ASMONZARACING

Article on another V12 model:


Tipo 63 Inline-4, Chassis #63.004

Run by Privateer Team Scuderia Serenissima owned by Count Volpi who had it redesigned with a longer nose and an off-set fin in the likeness of the Jaguar D-Type.

This particular model saw it’s greatest success at the 1961 Targa Florio where it achieved 5th.


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