Maserati 8CTF

Don’t know how competitive it’ll be, but this car has jumped to the top of my “fun to drive for kicks” list.

Disappointed that it has nothing to do with capturing 8 flags though.

Thoughts on this wonderful car? It’s the oldest vehicle yet seen in a forza game btw, kinda neat.

It is definitely different to drive, in some corners it’s a real handful too but it’s good to see cars like this in the game. It’s got an awesome note too.

It’s glorious. Although it drives a bit like an F-1 strapped to a billy cart. New coolest car in the game for me.

Have only had a chance to drive it once but I thought it was a blast and sounded great, looking forward to putting in some big laps this weekend

I am surprised it does not show up as pre war grand prix body style. I wonder if they forgot.

Well, it’s from 1939… WW2 technically started in 1939 with the German invasion of Poland (I think it was Poland, anyway), so the car isn’t ACTUALLY pre-war.

WWII started on September 1st of 1939. The car was already used during the 1938 GP. As far as I know it made its debut in the Italian GP of 1938 on September 11th at Monza. So it is actually a pre-war GP race and so are all the cars that competed in the the 1938 and 1939 season since pretty much all of the races in the 1939 season took place before the actual start of WWII. The 8CTF is also a pre-war car that competed during the war since three of them participated in the 1940 Indianapolis 500 and it won the race with Wilbur Shaw as the winning driver.

I love it! I was a bit worried the first time I took it for a spin as the stats were looking like it would be a good drag racer but a terrible circuit car, but I was surprised. Just if it had some aero options so it could take faster corners, but the drive off a corner and straight line speed make up for the fact you have to enter a turn a bit slower. I think with the right tune this could easily compete for some high spots on the leaderboards.

Agreed aero I think would make this car perfect.

But dont forget they had little to no knowledge of how downforce worked back then. I think the car is a monster one wrong move and it spins, very challenging, very beautiful, very fun.

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True you can only imagine how dangerous it was to drive back then. They must’ve had balls of steel lol.

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Oh yeah i cant imagine what it was like to race these cars especially that 16 cylinder auto union that could hit 200+ mph

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Arguably one of the best cars in the Forza series, ever.

Not every car needs aero to make it enjoyable. These old cars are best enjoyed (IMO) as they are. Any additions would be a sacrilege. The car is certainly unique and the rear end likes to let you know that the driver is sitting right on top of it. Looking forward to putting some C class times using this car.

(Has anyone driven Brabham BT24 at 200mph at Nurburgring yet? Please don’t answer this as it will take focus away from the Maserati. I’m just mentioning it because of the “balls of steel” comment.)

I really like the Maserati 8CTF. But wouldn’t (most) people prefer an Auto Union or Mercedes Grand Prix car? Just a thought. Let’s hope that T10 brings another car like this for the next DLC pack (if not the last pack)!

I race mine in A Class.
Its a wicked ride.

  • Cool factor.
  • That Sound.
  • Open Wheel.
  • Little options to make it a hard to be competitive in A Class.
  • No aerodynamics make it hard to drive at high speeds.
  • Brakes.
  • Tires. I wish they could widen the tires more.
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On the inside view,i like that little piece of leather on the steering wheel. Leather wrapped wheels have come along way since then!

That car is so sensitive to tire pressure. Just +/- 5 PSI changes the handling completely. I lowered the settings to like 25/25 and tried to race it stock at indy, and it slid off at every corner. I then reset it back to 30/30 and it felt a lil better, but i think the key is to drift around the turns at indy. This thing won the indy 500, but its on bicycle tires. Anybody have any luck with this thing stock. Im trying to beat unbeatable c class at the indy oval. The best i can do is 4th place. I think the key is getting the right tire pressure in those skinny tires. You gotta find the perfect balance in between not sliding the back out too much it never comes back, to not overcorrecting and hitting the wall. None of the other parts are adjustable, so i guess tyre pressure is all they had to work with back then. I never ever drifted, so maybe nows the time to learn.

I keep forgetting about this car… I need to build one of these up after work and see what happens if I can get a good one I will be sharing it just don’t know what all classes I’m going to put it in yet

It’s about as agile as a three-legged cat, and it’s not in any way competitive, but it’s fun. Try driving it stock around Indy. Countersteer’s the key to keeping the car away from the walls… How did they do that for 500 consecutive miles is beyond me.