Manual with clutch


Does anybody know if the devs are working on fixing the clutch problem?

I have a wheel, 3 pedal and gear selector set up on PC, so obviously I select in Horizon 5 options to use manual with clutch for the immersion. But now EVERY SINGLE car, even cars that are AUTO only in real life, require the clutch to shift up and down.

Should auto cars be auto
Semi auto be semi auto
And true MANUAL cars be manual with clutch?

I don’t want to be driving a C8 Corvette that has a DSG and have to use my clutch to shift up or down?

This isn’t a bug, when you select manual with clutch it changes ALL cars to manual with clutch.

I would also like to see an option similar to Project Cars 2’s simulation option for gear selection. This mode meant that cars that are auto in real life (rally fighter, F150, etc) are auto in game, manumatic/DSG/sequential cars (basically all supercars, golf GTI, etc) are sequential ingame and all truly manual cars are manual (brz, mini, etc).

I fully support this.I’m so disappointed and i hope they do something about it.Even now,the new GOLF R they’ve added,they’ve put it in with a manual instead of the quick DSG fart shifts where there’s no intrerruption between shifts and the speed increases without stopping between shifts…Cars that are mostly auto should be auto DCT or Torque Converter. And older cars that were manual,manual. There’s no Automatic transmission in this game,why? Also the implementation of Launch Control is not great,Launch Control is supposed to give you as much traction as possible without wheel spin,TC in this game works only above 50 mph and it renders the launch pointless since you spin the wheels. I know nobody from the Team reads this…maybe they do,i hope so

Here’s a little video with amazing Auto/DSG shifts

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If they would put RL-related shifting to the cars they would need to build it into PI calculation. Oh, the horrors.
I think the free choice is the better way but they could get rid off manual + clutch giving advantages over manual on cars with shift time penalties.
Keeping MC as an option for players that like for immersion reasons.

It’s a simple fix for the Devs, they only need to put in a switch.

2 = Automatic
1 = Manual
0 = manual + clutch


It’s not that easy… needs extra check somewhere :smiley:

But yeah with 3 = SemiAutomatic

Maybe in Forza Horizon 12 after dev realized its a game with driveable cars and not some gfx demo

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I agree this setting should always be vehicle specific in these type games. I always change the setting to best match the actual real car’s drivetrain (which can get old real quick). When I get in something like an old VW Beetle, clutch/stick manual - La Ferrari - paddle shift - no clutch/stick.

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Fixing? what a joke lol. Im still waiting for automatic+manual shifting optional since Fh3. Be happy you have a semi working clutch. But one advise dont ask for fixes, specially about wheels or controllers lol. Unless you want to waity forever.

Jeez - it’s Automtatic or Manual - why do you want the best of both ? choose your setup and just get on with it.
Don’t get why people complain about something that’s not broken - it’s just a choice you need to make. It’s there by design.

I have a G920 with shifter. Do what I do. I select Manual/clutch for cars with true manuals. And Manual for sequential/DSG. Unfortunately there is no option for a true automatic.

I submitted a ticket on this but it was for Forza Motorsport 7.

Either way, Forza’s boosting of manual w/ clutch has always been an arcade feature that probably needs to go.

Even if the developers added an easier way to change between the 3 available shifting modes on a setup similar to ANNA.
You press left on the d-pad, then up for auto, right for manual and left for manual w/ clutch. Surely can’t be that hard, and it’s an easier alternative than to make it change for each and every car in the game altought others games have done it just fine.

Well the problem in the OP is just about a few cars. The devs would only have to fix the ones that can’t do manual.

You can literally just map the A button and press shift at the same time. :smile: I’ve always done that and it’s a a single, very natural motion. (Try being faster in a VW Corrado for real without a clutch :wink:)

Well as I use a wheel I can’t really comment. Don’t bother with clutch - just Manual Gearing - so I just changed the pedal from clutch to E-Brake. Again it feels more natural than fiddling with buttons.

Ah, I see now. That does sound very awkward.

Manual with clutch hasn’t worked for me at all on FH5. Works fine on FH4, and when I this thread I thought maybe they patched it and it was working again, but alas, I just tried and still broken. Using a Logitech G920.

I use a Logitech G920 as well on XSX but haven’t had any real issue with the wheel itself. My biggest gripe with my setup is I have the shifter as well (which is setup as a 6 speed) and most of the cars need to be upgraded with transmissions that have more than 6 gears if you want to adjust the gear ratios yourself. That makes the shifter kind of useless since it is only 6 speed (some cars have a race transmission that is 6 speed and you can alter the gear ratios) and I don’t really like paddle shifting which is why I bought the shifter in the first place.