ManteoMax's FH2 Spreadsheets, Calendars, and more

ManteoMax’s Forza Spreadsheets, Calendars, and more

I maintain online spreadsheets and calendars for the Forza games as a way to stay informed and be efficient about pursuing events, Achievements, etc. These spreadsheets are free for anyone to use online or download (possibly useful for clubs or racing series looking to set up events with certain car requirements). You can change the View menu of each spreadsheet to sort and filter each column, and doing this online creates a separate session that doesn’t affect the original spreadsheet for other viewers. At you’ll find the following links:
This is a combination calendar showing events for FM5, Forza Horizon 2, real world Automotive events like racing and car expos, and Xbox/gaming events like console updates and expos. For Forza Horizon 2, this will show DLC announcements, Gift cars, news articles, and contests. Click an event item for more details. If you have a Google account I think you can even subscribe to the calendar to add it to your own.

Forza Horizon 2 Spreadsheets

  • Cars List - All cars, indicating DLC, Barn Finds, Championship types, specs including benchmark data, Engine swaps, and aspiration conversions. Primarily for the Xbox One version, but there’s a column on the right for the 360 version cars.
  • Championships - Lists every championship event route and type in Solo Road Trips. 672 total races.
  • Rivals - Lists the Festival Routes for the permanent Rivals leaderboards plus details on Monthly Rivals events.
  • Bucket Lists - Lists the names and targets for each Bucket List. Future Bucket Lists will be added.
  • Achievements - Lists both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Achievements side by side. Monthly Challenges will be added.
  • Skills & Perks - Lists the Skills and Perks, with their point costs and benefits.
  • Rims - Lists the Rim companies and model names with prices and relative weights, along with some notes about spokes and paint.
  • Links & News - Links to all FH2 articles posted in the News section plus external articles and videos of interest. DLC news as well.
  • Versions & DLC Chart - A chart to explain which DLC is included with which game version.
  • Setups - For recording tuning setup settings.
  • Paint - For recording custom paint settings in order to recreate favorite colors.
  • Forza Legacy Cars - Lists all unique car models used in FM3, FM4, FM5, FH, and FH2 side by side to see which have been added or dropped.

I use my twitter account to announce updates to my spreadsheet, contests, and gift cars. At the bottom of I also have a Twitter widget showing Forza related tweets from @Forzamotorsport and related accounts, important for up to date news about the game (like deadlines, server interruptions, etc).
A link to my broadcast channel which I’ll use from time to time to stream Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2.

A link showing Pacific time and UTC time. This is handy as most announcements from Turn 10 go by Pacific time.

I’ve also posted or participate in the following threads as a way to stay informed:

ManteoMax’s FH2 Photo thread
Saved pictures I’ve taken and shared in the game. MyForza

Twitter and Alerts for FH2
I update this thread with announcements made outside the forums as a reference for vital info.

Contests and Gift List for FH2
I update this with contests related to FH2 or that provide prizes related to FH2, including gift cars for VIPs, as a reference history.

FH2 Achievements List
I’ll update this with Challenges as they are added from time to time.

FH2 Cars and DLC List
I list here the game editions available, the Cars list (Xbox One vs 360) including Barn Finds, DLC pack contents, and a history of game Content Updates. This will be updated as new DLC is released.

FH2 Events List
An overview of all the Solo Road Trip Championships, Rivals Festival Routes, Online Game Modes, Bucket List, and Monthly Rivals to be updated. (Xbox One)

FH2 Rims List
A list of the rims by weight class group. (Xbox One)

FH2 Engine Swap List
All the available engine conversions in the game are listed with the cars that can use them. Cars will be added as DLC is added, and I eventually want to list the highest horsepower engines in the game. (Xbox One)

FH2 Skills and Perks List
Descriptions of the Skills, Combos, automatically recorded clips, and Perks benefits in the game.

FH2 Music Track List
Lists all songs played in the game, grouped by station. Stations are unlocked with early game progression. Links to Youtube for each song are included, with a link to Xbox Music for the “Best of Forza Horizon 2 playlist.”

Forums FAQ
Q&A for navigating and using the forums.

My similar forum threads for FM5 are found here.


I can’t imagine how many hours you have into this, good work! This will certainly come in handy.