Make it possible for the game to ignore a controller

So I have a flightstick that I use in OTHER games, but for FH5 I ONLY use KB/M. But when I leave the flightstick plugged in, this game derps out and makes it so that I am incapable of driving effectively. For almost a year, I would go through the tedious process of going into my device manager and disabling the flight stick before launching FH5. Now that I’ve built a new PC and upgraded to Windows 11, this is no longer an option, and to be frank, it shouldn’t have to be, IMO.

I would like the dev to make it possible to COMPLETELY IGNORE a device. I do just fine in this game with KB/M, and I’d love to be able to ONE TIME disable this game trying to utilize it.

It makes navigating the menus and driving extremely onerous. Please, for the love of everything, implement a way of NOT having to use a controller in this game.