Loyalty Rewards cars

Hi all. I was wondering is anyone else have not received there Loyalty Reward Cars? I have played every Forza Motorsport/Horizon on my Xbox account. I am a Tier 11. However I have not received any of the Loyalty Cars. The list of cars are the
2013 Dodge STR Viper VTS
2014 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610
2016 Lamborghini Centenario
2018 McLaren Senna
2013 McLaren P1
2017 Ford GT
2018 Porsche GT2 RS.

I have all the games to be able to receive those Loyalty Rewards however I have not. Is this a problem that Turn 10/ Playground Games know of. Thanks.
And yes I have done all start of Forza Horizon 5 in order to receive these cars.