Lower chase camera angle (Autistic & ADHD)


I have Autism/ADHD, racing “feels” comfortable/easier to FOCUS for my brain when the “near-chase” camera is lower to road (i.e, from YT):

Requested this in the past; never saw light—but I’m used to being ignored. Hope FH5/FM gets it. Please vote on this request for PG/T10 to notice. :pray:t3:

I sincerely appreciate everyone for their support! :gift_heart:

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Agreed, a height slider similar to the FOV slider we have now.


Yes!!! Finally someone gets it!

Appreciate your comment, thanks a lot friend! :champagne::clinking_glasses:


No problem. There have been racing games in the past that have had this as an adjustment. It’s pretty popular with some that the mod “Content Manager” for Assetto Corsa has this as an option.


Indeed AC with mods is a completely different game, it’s amazing what the community has done.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to mod FH/FM. Horizon 3 “developer version” was the only chance fans ever got (it’s how this Youtuber changed the camera).

But I feel we shouldn’t have to hope for a mod, I’ve invested over $500 in Forza games & been playing since 2011 FM4 (best from the Motorsport series).

I hope they finally listen & just give us the option to change chase-cam height.


Extremely happy to see that I received 10 votes, hopefully T10/PGG will also notice. Unfortunately, feels like they don’t read these messages.

Please make the near-chase camera height adjustable! :pleading_face::pray:t3::gift_heart:

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Voted because as someone with ADHD and mildly on the spectrum, I totally get the sensation you’re describing and everyone should get to enjoy the games they want!

Interestingly, I’ve found kind of the opposite. For my brain I need one of two extremes, either a far out zoom with as wide an FOV as possible, or I have to drive in cockpit with only the road visible in front of me. No idea how to explain why those are the only two that “work” for me, but that’s the beauty of the human brain :slight_smile:


Thankful to Mr. Steve from PGG who created the “drift chase camera” — the community absolutely LOVES it!

Perhaps, someone from the admin team can forward this request to Mr. Steve & he’ll do his magic again. :innocent::crossed_fingers:t3:

I’m so happy to hear that we’ll continue to receive updates in 2024, sincerely hope this request gets some attention from the development team.

Cheers! :champagne::clinking_glasses::gift_heart: