Loving Games Fast


Hello forza gamers, my name Dwight, I love forza and started posting replay videos of my multiplayer lobby races on channel. I would love for those who love forza to check my channel and support to help it grow or become part of the a future team I want to put together to create forzaWow content for channel.

I only use a racing wheel to race, I’ve not used a controller since fm4. My race wheel is a Thrust master TMX mounted on a old vision racer cockpit. Currently using base xbox 1 to play because my PC ryzen2700, rx480 single 16gb ram is not up to the task of streaming and gaming at same time. So a new gpu is on the menu once saved up enough, so just videos at the moment.
Thanks for reading post double thanks if u checked out my channel and I love if you’ve subbed, Truly. I’m keeping track of my first hundred subs to give proper shout in the future if all goes well. Thanks again.