Lotus Elan 1989-1999 (M100)

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Lotus Elan (M100)

This model was also sold as the Kia Elan in South Korean and the Kia Vigato in Japan.


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  • Lotus Elan 1.6
  • Lotus Elan Turbo SE
  • Lotus Elan Series 2
  • Kia Elan / Vigato
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And The Concept One In Loutus Turbo Challenge III

There was a Kia version of the Lotus Elan M100 that was built from 1996 to 1999. It featured different rear lamps and a bigger 1.8L engine made by Kia that produces slightly less power than the Isuzu-made 1.6L engine the original Lotus Elan M100 used.



Lotus Elan (M100)

The first and only front-wheel-drive Lotus sports car. Itโ€™s powered by the Isuzu-derived 1.6L engine producing 130hp of power while mated to a 5-speed MT also made by Isuzu. The SE variant adds turbocharging to the said engine, producing 35hp more.

Production ended in 1995 but a year later, a Kia version of the Lotus Elan M100 was launched, featuring different rear lamps, and a 1.8L petrol engine producing slightly less power than the Isuzu 1.6L engine. Production ended in 1999.


Kia Elan


This wouldโ€™ve been a great addition to the Retrowave update

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1990 Lotus Elan SE Turbo