Anyone else lose all their save date? 500 cars. 20 million credits… gone… time to sell this game

What were you doing right before you lost your data? Xbox or PC?

Yep me too just loaded the game up and it took me back to the original game intro!!! Not happy.

Yes, it has happened to me as well, was playing last night, got up this morning and it has started from scratch, lost hours of play, cars,credits

This just happened to me as well. Can’t believe all the time I have spent on the game could now be possibly for nothing. I do see my save file when I go to ‘manage game’ but it doesn’t seem to be interested in syncing with that whenever I boot up the game, which I have tried now probably a dozen times.

I have emailed the support team and await some feedback.

There is a whole thread on this happening and sounds like a nightmare. I have not lost data yet but getting told to buy VIP in AH and in the garage, it is showing DLC and for me to purchase cars I already own. I shut it down as no longer trust the game. Driver Level 588 Collector Level 41, 705 cars so no way would I go through all that again. I hope you all get it resolved.