Losing money?

So basically I was playing Forza horizon 4 then I got offline. I got back on the day after and logged on Forza to find I lost 9,000,000 credits which was all my money basically… I don’t know what to do… So I started to sell my own cars that I earned because I randomly lost money. Please help me

It appears that you spent this money on restoring a a barn find car. Unfortunately you will now have to try and earn this money back.


I did the same thing, accidentally, a week ago and for a lesser amount. It sucks but the only thing you can do is get back to it.

I didn’t know it cost 9 Million to restore Barn Find cars???

When you find barn find you can even wait that guy restore that car or you can spend credits to get it restored right away and that cost depend how value that car is.

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Ahhh I always wait.

Its never worth it to speed up that process. Just do some races, maybe even the Goliath, Marathon types and it’ll be done in no time

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I don’t know why this was included, almost a non feature. Spend 9m to restore a car early that you may get 2-3m for in the auction house. From what I saw, it almost never makes sense to restore early so it’s just a trap for the unwary.

There’s a prompt that tells you the amount of money you are going to spend to get the barn find immediately. It’s not a trap for the unwary, it’s a trap for those that don’t read.


And there is quite a few that dont read
Same thing happened in fh3 too

Too busy mashing buttons than reading

i miss 7 millions too, is possible after i restored the barn ford gt mk1?

Why Retro got suspended? :smiley:

Probably because of her new role in PG. I’m not bothered to dig the thread she posted, but trust me she did post on her new role here.

Well actualy retro 4 days ago tweet that she have quit but i still wondering why she is got suspended from here.

It’s funny I didn’t know it’s possible to speed up the process. Haven’t seen any message for it. Must be hidden somewhere :smiley:

From PG completely?

i never had the option to pay for fast burn fixes.

You need to go in to the Barn Find menu, select the car which is currently under repair, and then it will give you the option to fast-track completion of it for money.