Looking to make Drag Lobbies/Drag Community

I want to get a bunch of people together and start a little community of drag racing. It can be a free lobby type where we either have someone calling the race on the mic or using a car lights to call it. We can even do a little official drag racing for times if you like. This is mainly to get people together so we can have a good core of people when others are not on. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of add your gamertag below.

GT: I LaxeR I

Im keen

Cosworth v3 . Lets do this like its forza 4!

Ill add you guys tonight.

DirtySanchPants add me! Let’s drag!

NORBY0311! Let’s do it! I’m down for highway pulls as well. Been dying for something like this since FM4

I will add all of you, sorry I was busy last night.

Add me : speleers1990

Add me. otb cynical

Add me GammerBro227

Ad me : lmr blackhawk

Add me mkjaer

Add me! Raph9416

Add me: MajorLgInfidel

Add me if you’d like. PAYNE inc 85

I would love to be a part of this! KiloGram12


Ive been doing the drags and rolls since fm3 and love it…ad me up I will be glad to join LMR WARHAWK…

Everyone get on tonight and add me and I will make a lobby tonight and we can have some fun.

Man I been looking all over for a drag lobby. Add me for sure