Looking to buy these cars $$$

HI, i am looking for a few cars, i had 90 percent of the cars on FH4 with the PO cars, unfortunately after over 850 hours of gameplay, My save was corrupted and had to restart my progress from the begining, i do have a lot of credits now and would like to get back some of the cars i lost that i cannot find in the action house, send me a message with which car you have that i can get from you as well as the price you want:

Here are the cars im looking for:

Civic Type R 2018 (Need 2)
Wrangler DD
Koenigsegg CCX and CCGT
Lexus LFA
Ghibli S Q4
Mclaren Speedtail
Mclaren 12C
Mini JCW convertable
Mini JCW Countryman
Porsche GT3 RS 2019
Porsche Mecan Turbo 2019
Porsche 718 GTS 2018
Renault Megane RS 2018
Q1 2010
Supra 1992
Sprinter 1985


Hi i can sell u a Prsche GT3 RS 2019 message me on instagram @Boglet07

I have a Koenigsegg CCGT which I never use (I own the Agera, and the Mosler)

So what cars don’t you need?

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i can give you a apollo

I have updated the list

What do you want for the CCGT?

I have got the Apollo recently, thank you.

I have the Q1

Hi, i am after a Speedtail if can let one go…

Hey mate look at this post I found on reddit pls
Submit a ticket to Playground and they will give u ur whole save back

I have already spoken to them when i first lost my data, they said they dont have back ups of saves, they jut compensate with CR